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The Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum (DAM) is an awesome an art museum that site in Colorado’s Civic Center. Having an interesting collection of over 70,000 diverse works of art from different centuries across the globe, The Denver Art Museum is considered one of the largest art Museum between Chicago and the West Coast.

DAM is known for its numerous collection of American Indian art in addition to the Petrie Institute of Western Art. The Petrie Institute of Western American Art oversees DAM’s collection of more than 70,000 works of art from all over the world.

Gio Ponti designed the Museum’s The Museum’s iconic and rather well architecture Martin Building (it previously went by the name North Building).

In 2018, the DAM started a transformational $150 million revamp project to unify the campus while revitalizing Ponti’s original structure, including the creation of new display spaces, 2 new dining options, and a vibrant new welcome center.

The museum’s Learning and Engagement department has emphasized three areas: Research (in making museum visits successful and enjoyable); Creation of innovative installed learning materials (e.g., tours, audio tours, reading areas, video, response journals as well as hands-on and art-making areas); and Interactive learning for young people both in school and family groups.

If you are wondering if DAM is kid-friendly, then we’ll have you know that indeed it is. There are family-friendly programs designed for every family member including gallery games, a Fun Family Center, Kids’ Corner, Family backpacks as well as the Discovery Library. They also feature an Access Program which includes Art and About tours for guests with dementia or early-stage Alzheimer’s, Tactile Tables and Low Sensory Mornings.

A major priority of the DAM’s ongoing campus transformation venture is to center the DAM’s celebrated educational programs at the heart of the campus, in a bid to expand the museum’s ability in engaging visitors of all ages in creative learning opportunities.

The new Bartlit Learning & Engagement Center features over 12,000 square-feet of lithe programming space, workshop rooms as well as the Singer Pollack Family Wonderscape, which will display student-created exhibitions and host school and community events.

With interactive spaces designed by the Mexico based Esrawe + alongside Cadena, the interactive Bartlit Center also boasts the Morgridge Creative Hub. Spanning over 5,600 square-feet, the Hub is a place for networking and gathering, a platform for diverse and evolving community-driven indoctrination and a celebration of local creativity, where members of the creative side of community developing many of the hands-on art experiences. 

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