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Concrete Garage Floors

Highly Durable Concrete Garage Floor Installers in Denver, CO

What you need to know about garage floor installation in Denver.

If you need to install a new garage floor or you want to resurface an existing one, contract the trusted concrete garage floor contractor in Denver, CO. Our team consists of fully trained and skilled technicians who can complete the job right the first time. What’s more, we only use time-tested methods and high-quality materials. So, once we’re done, you will have a durable and long-lasting concrete garage floor.

As a local garage concrete floor pourer, we always promise our residential and commercial customers professional service, excellent craftsmanship, and durable results. Whether you want exposed aggregates, stamped, or a smooth finish floor for parking your vehicle, you can expect our team to achieve the look you want.

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Denver, Colorado

Why Choose Concrete Garage Floors?

Whether you need a garage floor replacement or you’re installing a new garage flooring system, expect to shell out money. However, when you weigh the benefits you can enjoy in the long term, you’ll know that you’re making a valuable investment. Here are some of the advantages of a concrete garage floor:

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Long Lifespan

Since concrete is a solid material, it can withstand heavy pressures. Whether you’re parking a family car or an industrial vehicle like a forklift, a concrete garage floor will endure the abuse you expose it to. What’s more, if you drop anything, it won’t cause serious damage the concrete surface. Because this material is resilient and tough, it can last long. Indeed, it is a perfect flooring system for a residential, commercial, or industrial garage.

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Low Maintenance

We’re too busy dealing with all our responsibilities in life. So, keeping your garage floor in good shape should be the least of your worries. Well, with a concrete garage slab, maintenance is convenient. You only need to seal or wax every three to nine months. This way, you can still preserve the protective layer. What’s more, you can keep the surface spick and span by mopping it with a neutral cleaning product.

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Resistant to Bacteria, Stains, and Fire

Do you often spill liquid on your garage floor? Well, with a concrete surface, all you’ll need to do is wipe it off. By taking care of the spills immediately, you can avoid dealing with stains. What’s more, concrete is a material that’s resistant to fires. It functions as a buffer that will keep fire from spreading in your property. On top of that, concrete surfaces do not attract bacteria growth, making the, hypo-allergenic and hygienic.


Various Concrete Garage Floor Finishes

Of course, functionality is your top priority. However, must not forget to ensure that your garage floor will look aesthetically pleasing. When you hire our technicians, you’ll have the freedom to choose from various concrete finishes that will suit your taste and lifestyle. Here are some of the garage floor finishes to choose from:

Exposed Aggregates

Do you want a highly textured and colorful garage floor? Well, your best bet is to opt for an exposed aggregate finish. With this option, our team uses tiny pieces of natural stone sourced from river beds. We mix the aggregates into the concrete base, and at the right moment, we wash a thin layer of the binder to expose the small stones. While this finish option is affordable, it can also be quite durable.

Polished or Smooth Finish

We also understand that many homeowners and industrial customers prefer a highly polished or smooth garage floor. When you turn to our expert technicians, you can expect us to have the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to design and install the flooring system you want. If you have an existing blacktop or bricked floor, we can pour a fresh layer of structural concrete over it. Consequently, we can create a smooth and durable finished floor for your garage.

Broom Finish

Some people prefer something plain yet textured for their concrete garage. When you want a slightly rough surface for your floors, we suggest that you opt for a broom finish. Before the concrete material sets in, our technicians will run brooms over the surface. This process allows the to create a patterned surface for the garage floor. Once the material dries and our team is done with the job, you’ll have a flooring system that is slip-resistant.

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Why Choose Us to Pour Your Concrete Garage Floor in Denver?

Denver Stamped Concrete

As you can see, we offer various finish options for concrete garage flooring systems. Aside from that, we use the latest technologies and concrete pouring methods to ensure a durable structure. It is always our goal to give our clients the best value for their money. Moreover, we go to great lengths just to meet the expectations of our customers.

Because of our commitment to client satisfaction, we only use premium-grade materials. What’s more, we only employ the finest concrete technicians in Denver, Colorado. So, you can expect us to get the job done right the first time. By choosing a concrete garage floor, you’re making a valuable investment for your property. Now, by hiring the trusted garage concrete floor slab specialists in the area, you’re making the best decision for your money. Get in touch with us today and we’ll send you a detailed quote for your project.

How much is a concrete garage floor system?

To give an estimate, we’ll need to assess your requirements. The cost will depend on the size of the area and the design you want.

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