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McKay Lake

McKay Lake in Broomfield, CO area has Black crappie, Largemouth bass, and Bluegill species as the prominent fish caught here are. Fishbrain has recorded 1258 catches. You are encouraged to be wise in choosing where to fish and follow laid down local rules.

Amenities such as parking, trails, bank fishing, and a picnic area are features of McKay Lake.

Visitors using wheelchairs needs have been met by the park being made wheelchair accessible. As you explore the park further, you find more features like piers and docks, among others.

The 1.5-mile loop around the lake is perfect for kids, elders, and anybody recovering from surgery, such as a foot or knee replacement. It is not to say that runners, equestrians, and bikers will not enjoy the path. For their activities, they will find the trail intriguing.

The handy loop at McKay Lake offers a relaxing adventure away from the rush and bustle of city life. A guest will be satisfied after a stroll and may wish to return. McKay Lake, a tranquil spot amid suburban sprawl, is a great attraction and is especially lovely when colored by a watercolor sunset.

The route is best utilized from March to October and offers a variety of activities. It’s ideal for jogging or taking a stroll without having to venture too far out of town. The paths have a low impact because they are not paved. It is also excellent for walking dogs but must be on a leash.

Begin your adventure by parking in the massive lot on 144th Avenue’s south side. About west of Pecos St., there’s a little park. Right or left on the single-track dirt route near the stream and through the brush, the footpath goes straight. Take note of the interpretive sign and surrounding pier. Fishing is permitted.

You will pass through a secured farm to get to an extensive social route to the west of the lake, where you’ll finally come upon McKay Lake’s new south dam. Look for the other parking area and then go east on the wide gravel path framed by those magnificent cottonwoods. A range of waterfowl frequent this lake, so keep an eye out.

Return to the parking area by following the trail crossing over the vast spillway. Give it another try if you’re are up to the task.

Broomfield wants to develop a 16-acre site south and west of the lake within the municipal limits.  The goal is to provide the public with park amenities, enjoyment opportunities, environmental educational facilities, trails, and habitat enhancements.

Visitors to the neighboring family-friendly attractions get to see towering cottonwood and willow trees that line the south side of McKay Lake’s little lake, providing uninterrupted vistas of the mountains to the west.

Niver Creek Detention Reservoir, Croke Lake, Brewer Reservoir, and Croke Reservoir Number 12 are just a few nearby fishing spots.

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