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Should I Get Stamped or Plain Concrete for my Patio?

February 22, 2021


Concrete can be an inexpensive, attractive, and durable option for your patio floor in any shape, but in terms of maintenance, there are variations between stamped versus simple. Stamped concrete, without greater maintenance, is built to look like brick or concrete pavers.

Concrete is a useful surface material in numerous homes. It is ideal for walkways, driveways, floors, patios, and many other applications. There are many things to take into account if you want to use concrete for your construction or home renovation projects.

And the type of concrete you would like to use is the first decision to make. In this article, we will discuss the distinction between the stamped and plain concrete and let you know which one is the best for your patio.

Plain Concrete:

install brushed concrete driveway

It is a favorite surface that is installed by many individuals. As it is unadulterated, it offers a timeless appearance. Plain concrete in Brampton can give a functional look to your driveway as well. That is for those who may not want an altered surface.

The use of plain concrete does not require additives to be used or contains reinforcement that modifies its strength. Also, it results in a grey, plain surface. In areas where you don’t require a decorative look, it is useful.

More affordable than the other options is plain concrete. It’s cheaper than stamped concrete, but if it has the right finish, you can still get a fairly high-end look. The maintenance requirements for plain concrete are actually slightly higher because it involves fewer surface treatments, but the durability is similar to what you can expect with stamped concrete.

By adding a decorative edge, such as brick edging, it can be embellished. A cheap and utilitarian option is plain concrete.

Stamped Concrete:

Plain concrete can be a turn-off for some people. If you are one of them, stamped concrete may be considered. Stamped concrete is an economical alternative when compared to the use of natural stone or pavers.

The numerous decorative patterns and color schemes that you can choose from are attractive features to spice up the landscape. Brampton’s installation of stamped concrete is not difficult and thus translates into affordable labour costs. It is also a durable, low-maintenance surface material.

Stamped concrete is often chosen by people because it’s more decorative than plain concrete. It’s also more affordable than pavers, bricks, or stones; and, with a high-end look, it’s more environmentally friendly. The look of a brick or stone paver patio features stamped concrete, but maintenance and longevity are far superior.

Primary difference:

The primary distinction between stamped concrete and standard concrete in maintenance issues is the finish. When it is finished, the sealer that creates the shine on the surface may need to be replaced often, but it is more visible with stamped concrete.


As stamped concrete has more protective coatings, stamped concrete usually lasts longer than standard concrete. A paint hardener and a sealant added to the surface are normally stamped, which better protects it from wear and abrasion.

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